Crossfit Leesville


Frequently asked


I’m really out of shape, should I still sign up?

Yes, of course! Every CrossFit class can be scaled for any age or fitness level. This is what our coaches are there to help you with. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs. Everyone here is trying to get to a better fitness level then what they are now, or else they wouldn’t be here. Don’t worry about being judged, that’s not what we are about. 


I’ve never done CrossFit before. How do I start?


Before we allow you to sign up for a regular CrossFit class, we have you attend our introductory class which teaches you how to perform the fundamental movements safely. These classes will introduce you to not only the CrossFit movements but also the lingo and recommended nutrition you’ll need to follow in order to provide your body with the fuel it will need to perform.


I just moved here and I’ve already done CrossFit somewhere else. Do I still have take your introductory class?

No. We ask that you contact us prior to signing up for a class so we can arrange to have you test out of our introductory class. This can be at anytime as long as one of our coaches are available. They will ask you to perform some of the fundamental movements and observe how well you do. If they determine you are ready to join a regular class, we will just have you sign a waiver and join the class.


Do I pay each time I come in?

No, not if you do not choose that option. There is the option to pay month to month or sign up for a 6 month contract at a reduced monthly rate. 


How do I sign up for a class?


You have two options. You can enroll over the phone during our business hours or you can visit to create an account. Once you are on the sign-in page, select need an account below the sign-in button. Once you sign in, select the menu button in the top left-hand corner and then select the schedule from the drop-down box. That day’s schedule will be displayed, and you can select which class you would like to attend. If you are trying to schedule an hour out from the class time or if the class is already full, it will not let you enroll. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us (337)238-8999. pe